Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My name is Kevin Chen and I am a freelance concept artist located in the LA area. This is my temporary site to show case some of my professional work to potential clients. If you have any questions or would like to see more samples, please feel free to contact me at kevinchen9@earthlink.net. Thanks for your time and enjoy your visit.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


For the most updated resume, visit my Linkedin page at:

Recent Works

Lost Planet 3:

I worked on LP3 back in 2010 with the great people at Spark Unlimited. Its been 3 years and the game has recently been released. Make sure to check it out :)


My early take on the VS design. Want it to feel more like a tractor rather than a robot. It can drop down to run on treads during tractor mode and lift up in robotic mode when it needs to do work like a construction robot. This design is meant to be the precursor to the VS in LP1, so it is not as refined, but a lot more tough and functional looking to handle the tough elements.
Still have to sort through old files... Will update as soon as I dig up more artworks :)

World of Warcraft Card Illustrations:

Men in Black 3 (film, with Rick Baker at Cinovation Studios):

Suckerpunch (film, with Michael Wilkinson, Costume Designer):

Bulletstorm (VG, with Chris Perna at Epic Games):

Gatchaman (Animation, with Patrick Awa and Todd Uyeminami at Imagi Studios):

Cancelled Project (VG):

ACCD Character Design 1 demo:

CDWA Adelaide demo:

ImagineFX Demo (loosely based on Lady Kushana from Nausicaa):

CDA - Intro to Character Design demo:

Fantasy Projects

Einveld Early Character/Creature Concepts:
Guild Wars Early Character Concepts:

Early rough character concepts for "Aion":

Anime Fighter Test:

Lineage rough concept: